Joshuas’ Summit 2016 was started on the eve of 16th Aug 2016 at Ruah Revival Centre. Sis. Preetha Judson beseeched the presence of the Lord during the inaugural ceremony, followed by a vibrant enactment of the life of Joshua by the youth of Ruah Revival Centre. Over Hundreds of Pastors, Evangelist & Preachers registered and actively participated in the INJAL Joshuas’ Summit 2016 from many states of India. Each delegate was provided with a photo identity card which had barcode and it was scanned each day. Accommodation, food and transportation were also provided for all delegates.
Rev. Dr. Henry Pillai form Malaysia presented the hidden secretes of the word of God as revealed to him by the Holy Spirit. He also explained how sons of God will grow in maturity to represent their heavenly Father in the Earth like Jesus Christ. Pastor Alwin Thomas seeded the God given vision for INJAL to the congregation. All the INJAL state coordinators along with Pastor Alwin Thomas prayed for the Lords anointing on the gathering. Bishop George Philip also prayed for the Lords grace and blessing on the delegates. Multilingual translation was provided for every message sessions in English, Hindi and Tamil.